01. The sidewalk is slowly cracking because of the [roots] of the big trees growing next to it.
02. There is an expression in English which says that money is the [root] of all evil.
03. Harold Taylor once noted that the [roots] of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can become.
04. In old growth forests, it is important not to walk to close to the trees because the [roots] can be easily damaged, and over time it can actually kill a tree.
05. The [roots] of Bonsai trees are constantly trimmed to keep the trees from growing very big.
06. The [roots] of our baby teeth are actually dissolved by a chemical produced by our adult teeth when they are ready to start coming in.
07. Petro's family lives in Australia now, but actually their [roots] are in Sri Lanka.
08. Hodding Carter once said that there are two things which we should give our children; one is [roots], and the other is wings.
09. Lech traced his family's [roots] to a small town in Eastern Poland.
10. The [roots] of the Beatles' music lies in a mixture of American blues, country, and of course, the beginnings of rock 'n' roll.
11. Stevie Wonder once said that the Beatles were one of the first groups to recognize the value of black [roots] in music.
12. There is a Chinese proverb which states that to forget one's ancestors is to be a stream without a source, a tree without a [root].
13. When learning a second language, words that share a common [root] are more easily memorized than words that do not.
14. The Arabic language comes from the same [roots] as Hebrew.
15. There is a Japanese proverb which states that even thinking about sexual pleasure has its [roots] in greed.
16. Fingernails and toenails grow from a point near the [roots] below the skin, at the base of the nail where the nail is very thin.
17. Much of contemporary popular music throughout the Western world has [roots] in the rhythms of Africa.
18. Western ideals of beauty and art are [rooted] in Ancient Greece and Rome.
19. Stephen Covey once remarked, "You can't change the fruit without changing the [root]."

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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